Go Vegan, it’s an instant choice~


Prawning Part 2

Managed to catch 10 Prawns & 1 Yabby this time round. YEAH!!

Look at the pincers on that one, scary~

The lady working there told us that the chances of catching a yabby with a line is very minimal, normally they are caught with nets.

I suddenly remembered the Fish Market in Sydney, & i loved eating so much seafood there. Outdoors with the seagulls. Life’s so relaxing and chill out. Might want to head back there soon, want to go visit my aunt & family. Especially my cute baby niece Jamie. 😀

Bummer news: *I’m actually down with fever and body aches since yesterday, just took medicine, should go rest now, but i’m still on computer. Give me about an hour more, maybe i will be knocked out by the drowsiness, then i will go lay on bed. :p