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People willingly sign up to endure tremendous training, challenges, physical ‘torture’, mental ‘torture’, ‘abuse’ and even put themselves in situations that endanger their lives as you see in this incredible video. This is for the betterment of this life alone. Need we say more for future lives? A must watch short video in any case. They are taunted, made fun of and even encouraged to quit by superiors and peers. People can say this is psychological and mental abuse and the people who ‘perpetrate’ this are cruel and vicious. But remember, you signed up and you opted for it. You had a choice, so there is no victim card here to play. To get through it will toughen you up for life’s vicissitudes, hardships, realities, disappointments and really just make us accept life’s realities. Which makes it easier for ourselves and everyone around us because we accept, understand and well prepared. To expect something according to our projections and not getting it most of the time leads to bitterness and depression. Pretty much the sum of our lives in samsara. Some make it and many don’t from this tough training. Out of 150 that signed up, 42 made it in this incredible training which really represents life. The rest quit.

Some of the ones that quit complained, said it was too hard, inhuman, not achievable and even can cite psychological damage because of it. But all in all, it is training. And this is for the body and mind. This is for secular success. This reminds me of the monasteries. This reminds me of even organized Dharma centres and some of my tough gurus. You are put to training in many methods by the teacher and whether your teacher is a monk or drill sergeant if you want the results you go for it. Be just as committed as your trainer. You are being trained by people who know their stuff and committed themselves. Committed themselves to the training and to training you. You have to comply, do the training and then only you can enjoy the results. The results can last for your whole life and in spiritual terms for lifetimes. It is never handed to you. If you fail, you can blame the teacher, but then if you blame the teacher, everyone must have failed. Not everyone fails but you failed so it can’t be the trainer. Even the majority can fail and it is still your fault because that is usually what happens with tough and real training. Don’t revel in your failure just because you have many peers that also failed. Failure is failure. Some even encourage others to fail so they are not alone in failing. I’ve met people like that. They encourage others to leave the dharma centre, the retreats, guru, practices, their faith, samaya, commitments, meditations and works so when they leave, they are not alone and feel as bad or look as bad. Once they leave, what do you have to offer them? Back to the exact same thing they did before they joined the dharma or training. Why join, if everything was perfect? That does not make it better long term, because you still failed. The tougher the training, the more real the Dharma and the more honest it is, in all likelihood, more will quit citing abuse, too tough, not worth it or even saying they felt trapped. But then the trap is not the training in the Dharma. Because training in the Dharma is teaching you how to leave your samsaric trap and not stay in it. When you fail, you don’t escape but in actuality you stay exactly where you are. If where you are was fine, why did you enter the training in the first place? Dharma training is tough. Any training is tough.

Training is tough. It was tough with my gurus. It will be tough because our mind is tough. We fill our minds with all types of comforts and habituated views of how things should be and when it is not like that, we give up. We love to blame the trainer, the path, the Dharma, the method and all of that. But what people need to understand is, yes the training was hard, but did the trainees make it harder because they were spoilt, had wrong views, hung on to their comfort zones and refuse to really change? Are all trainees trainable immediately? Are they all cooperative and compliant and really willing to make a difference? Or when their most secret comfort zones were infringed upon, they left? Leaving is one thing, being bitter is an excuse to cover failure because you chose to join in the first place. No one forced you. You take responsibility for the choice. How to break away from samsara when you are still stuck in trying to be comfortable? Being comfortable actually has no place in spiritual or physical training. Achieving something has no room to be comfortable. Success and comfort are never in the same continuum. Success does not come from being in a state of comfort but challenging ideas and habituations that continuously keep us tied down to the deceptions that comfort zones, money, acquisitions, romance, travel and entertainment is the purpose of our lives. Anything you have now was either given to you for free or you worked past your comfort zones to achieve them. After you ran away screaming from the training, what did you achieve in your life that was substantial? Did you just go back to sleeping late, some feel good meditations, meeting friends, surfing on the net, travelling, eating, social occasions, endless dinners and non-stop holidays? Holidaying from what? You don’t really work much to even need a holiday? Maybe you even took up a course or two at a school, ‘busy’ on a blog, occasional unsuccessful dabbling in exercise, some self-help readings, dabble in the occult to divine for a  comfortable future? Maybe just nothing? You went back to what you were doing prior to the training. Now you have to justify to yourself and others why you quit the training. We can be honest or we can deceive for face saving purposes on why we really quit. You don’t go back to doing the same thing and more of it citing training was insane. What is insane is your blindness to see your comfort zones will lead you not where you wish but where you don’t ultimately desire. Maybe you will make a dent in this world for the better by quitting but most likely not. Because hard work, long hours, commitment, passion, consistency and sacrifice of comfort are the universal ingredients necessary for the outer journey and even more so for the inner journey. Whatever journey we choose and hopefully it will be both for our sake, by remaining in comfort zones, this will take time as well as overcoming comfort zones to inner success. Both take the same amount of time and time is used. One does not bear results and the other one does. Don’t waste time. It’s our choice, don’t blame if we quit. Better is to swallow the ego for our long term benefit and get back into the training. The journey does not end at death unfortunately and fortunately. This continues into the bardo and future lives. The Buddha was not wrong. The harder the training seems to be is a clear indication to ourselves of how far behind we are. How much we need it. All the more reason to train. For some it takes tremendous efforts to reach a goal and for others seemingly very fast. Whatever it is for us, start and keep at it.

As we age, get sick, wrinkle, slow down and all types of diseases invade our body let us know that time is shorter, all the experiences we had in the travels, food, romance, fun, kids and all that materialistic world had to offer will not help us one iota at the time of death. All the conversations we have with friends, kids, partners and so on will not help us in anyway. The experiences will just disappear as fast as the experience themselves. To experience something for the sake of experience is like gathering water in a cup with holes to drink. When the four elements shut down within our bodies, and the inner winds gather and when we are about to black out from consciousness forever, even the best friends and partners holding our hands will be of no help. We won’t even be conscious of them being there and holding us at the last stages. Then karma who is ever present takes over as it has been all along but more so now because we don’t have the physical to grasp onto anymore. Your wealth, experiences, position, power, name, poverty, beauty, friends, houses, properties, views, political stance, loans, savings, pets are all not going to help you. When you enter the bardo, only the karma you have accumulated in the positive will assist you now. The genuine meditations, the mantras, saving of animals, benefitting other beings, retreats, donations, offerings on your shrines, prayers to the enlightened ones, guru samaya, generation of the altruistic aspiration, altruism, destruction of dual view, works that benefitted others, releasing of phenomenal grasping, release of projections and attainments will help you and can help you. Everything else you spent time on when you were alive besides the spiritual attainments will be of no help. Your lifetime of experiences accumulated from books, people, travel, cultural learning, foods, money, savings, poverty, partners and positions will not be of any help and will be forgotten. You sink into black oblivion. Your possession that you held onto will be falling into the hands of others very soon. The oblivion is totally black for the time being prior to leaving our bodies. A journey into fear, the unknown and perhaps pain if we are not spiritually aware. Not studying a map prior to reaching a fork in the road, can lead you to the wrong direction. Not preparing spiritually and fool-heartedly engaged in only samsaric pursuits will bear its frightening consequences now. If you don’t like what you are reading, don’t blame me, but these are the condensed form of the teachings of the omniscient Buddha. I am not negative, or trying to psyche you or frighten you for the sake of it. If you feel frightened, it is because you are not prepared, not because I frightened you. I cannot frighten you about something that is not true because you can investigate yourself. Fear arises from knowing the truth of our existence if we do nothing about it. The truth is living a life of just enjoyments will use up the karma that supported it as Kensur Jampa Yeshe told me. But fortunately if you are reading this now, it means you can do something now. Start now. No more excuses and procrastinations. Even if you quit in the past, start again and don’t quit. Remember, consistency is the key. The key that opens the door to your vast inner attainments, true freedom, omniscience and finding your luminous Buddha nature. That is what Buddha Shakyamuni did. That is why we ‘worship’ and follow him. Why else do we follow him? Stop praising, chanting and meditating on what Buddha did to become a Buddha and nothing more, but engage in the same path Buddha completed. Please do it now. Actually just do it. No more excuses, justifications and taking refuge in a all saviour like comfort zone that is deceptive. Deception is impermanent too. No matter how many go along with your self deceptions and how good of a friend they are, deception will ripen into deep regrets. Friends that encourage quitting or deception may come and go but our sufferings remain. Remember, the Buddha’s wisdom in his teachings surpasses any views our ‘friends’ may have. Buddha’s wisdom is based on total lack of ignorance while our friend’s knowledge is based on pure limitations and obstructed by karma. Buddha’s omniscience also surpasses any form of education, knowledge, ‘wisdom’ and experience that can be offered in this world. No knowledge by ordinary humans can ever surpass the omniscient Buddha’s wisdom. Follow Buddha.

So why are we so into everything that does not help us physically at the time of death and mentally and karmically? Because we have not studied, allocated the time for it, applied and lived Buddha’s teachings completely. We are not bad, but ignorant. But even ignorance is a chosen path and not inherently forever. We only surrendered to materialism because we are familiar with it and we did not surrender to our true selves, our true Buddha nature within. We did not submit to the truth of the Dharma yet. Everything we do now will be of no use if it has not been directed towards the inner attainments that Buddha so clearly spoke about.

This training video is powerful. Be best friends with determination, hard work, grit, sacrifice, consistency and results. Abandon enemies such as laziness, excuses, justifications, blame, distractions because they are bad friends to be with. Remember 42 passed the training out of 150. That means 108 persons found excuses, reasons, justifications to quit. That is the majority. The quitters will probably regret, curse, hate or talk about the nasty training to friends and family for the rest of their lives. Even perhaps will say they were mentally damaged because of it. Even if you quit, walk away nicely, don’t blame. Because blaming is playing the victim card to cover up. Many suffer much more than you and they succeed even more because they don’t quit. It’s just like in many Dharma centres including my own that I experienced for the last 40 years that more quit or sit on the side-lines than achieve. If you ask them to go slightly beyond, they will cite very quickly all the reasons they can’t, but the truth is they are unwilling because the ravages of karma has not caught up yet. Or perhaps karma has caught up. But the truth is training does not damage our minds, but comfort zones do. How can we leave samsara, the very place that deceptively shows us temporary comforts, by staying comfortable and not doing more, not achieving more of the inner journey? Training is hard. But do it. You are worth it. Do it long term and never give up. The more we put it off the more old age, sickness, inabilities, graspings, ‘responsibilities’, karma, habits and peers will creep in to ‘confirm’ we cannot do it. Don’t be okay with mediocre. Don’t be fine with failure. Don’t be fine with half past six results. Don’t be fine with non-completion. Because future regrets are changeable if we do something now. Complete the training. Stop being so eloquent and creative with excuses. You fool no one but yourself. You set bad examples. Complete the spiritual training. Be trained. After training you will realize and ask yourself why you endured so much unnecessarily for so long. Buddha is an example of a fully trained being.

Tsem Rinpoche




P. 730
P. 731
P. 732
P. 733
導師智力所建立  知諸道趣不由他
知諸眾生遊諸趣  如見掌中菴羅果
由諸見趣濁世間  譬如雲霧障虛空
以是群愚常流轉  譬如眾盲失正路
世間為常為無常  復言有常亦無常
又言非常非不常  譬如盲象入城行
言世有邊復無邊  復言亦有亦無邊
又言非邊非無邊  以是流轉如籠鳥
又言即身是神我  又言離身有神我
妄想分別所纏縛  如鳥被網心生苦
又言自在天所化  有言非因之所生
一切眾生見取覆  譬如雲霧障於月
由如籠中卵生鳥  於諸孔中常欲出
見取眾生如是癡  於不解脫如籠鳥
又禮梵王及世主  及禮童子并圍紐
又禮方海毘沙門  如賊被捉求諸神
猶如貧人遇債主  求與債主立保證
如是世間著見取  愚癡求天希欲樂
佛見眾生依真實  譬如見手掌五指
於諸趣中受百苦  譬如群賊入牢獄
世尊於彼生慈悲  修諸道行知諸趣
世尊已說出獄法  如王生子放大赦
愍世不思僧祇劫  修諸苦行得菩提
P. 734
見取所壞愚癡輩  佛令彼等得解脫
以是善逝人師子  於諸法中得自在
我等見取失正路  佛於見取拔我等
以是世尊具大力  具足無畏無怨對
眾中大吼如師子  我等亦願得彼法
以彼能動於三界  亦以彼法普遍照
以彼授記諸眾生  亦願我等值遇彼
佛愍世間現微笑  以見此等外道眾
唯願如來說彼因  所現微笑有何義
善解因者非無因  而現微笑瑞光明
善哉能現微笑光  大眾悉皆瞻仰佛
世尊大眾悉懷疑  以見善逝現笑光
悉皆猶如觀滿月  瞻佛願說微笑因
誰於今日設勝供  誰於今日悅慈父
誰今得住佛功德  善哉大智願演說
大眾聞之必欣喜  皆由外道得授記
唯願導師普為說  於何乘中如得道
善哉牟尼除心惑  於其疑者斷疑網
以是大眾得欣喜  一向趣佛不退轉
善哉馬勝巧知時  能問如來降怨者
憐愍世間作是說  能問導師自然士
我當說彼現笑事  一心諦聽所作因
汝宜欣喜聽我說  今說笑義所為者
此諸外道皆調伏  捨諸惡見住善見
覩是世間見取惱  悉起悲心求菩提
一切見取悉得捨  以知不濁正見故
從我得聞無礙記  悉皆樂求一切智
過去佛所得記已  供養大慈兩足尊
具足二億諸佛所  以求無上菩提故
佛所行檀亦不少  亦淨持戒修禪定
淨修智慧發精進  於諸群生修忍辱
常修習六波羅蜜  簡擇智慧求菩提
馬勝請問降怨者  發心樂求佛菩提
P. 735
彼諸苦惱由惡黨  依止有惡見取中
彼等今見勝導師  捨諸惡見悉無餘
以得真解如來教  隨順佛法起深信
彼於當來多億佛  皆悉供養求菩提
於其未來星宿劫  皆得作佛同一號
號曰普聞高名稱  彼等大智度世間
彼佛國土甚清淨  種種莊嚴無與等
彼離惡見眾生輩  純求菩提賢聖處
彼國眾生離惡趣  是時亦無一切難
彼等諸佛得壽命  皆悉同壽八萬歲
眾生聞彼佛名者  皆悉不退上菩提
若有眾女聞佛名  彼女皆悉得男身
如是世尊降怨者  與諸外道所授記
一切天人聞記彼  無不欣喜生敬信


‘You offer water, flowers,incense to the Buddha. By offering these beautiful things. Several things happen.
One, you start to create a detachment from these things. Does that mean you become a cold uncaring nobody that hangs out on the streets, just a beggar, a homeless person? No. A detachment from things is to have things and it doesn’t create suffering or not having it doesn’t create suffering.
Objects don’t become causes for you to suffer anymore. So you start creating a positive detachment to things. That’s one.
Two: You create a positive purification to miserliness, selfishness, greed and we can let go of things easier. When we are less greedy, less miserly, what’s the results? We have a little less money but we have more happiness. Have you heard the saying?
(The best wealth that we can have is the one we have given away)
Not the wealth we kept.
That doesn’t bring any happiness. Isn’t that wise? Let’s think about that again.
So by offering these things, They are not gold bars, they are not businesses. They are water offerings, beautiful offering items, everyday you practice. Giving. And it leads to something deeper.
It leads to emotional giving. Some of us can give money away. Easily. But we can never be wrong. I know people like that. They can give money away very easily, buy anything for you. They love you, they tell you they love you. They can give anything away but emotionally they can’t give away. They never can be wrong. They will never confess they are wrong, they rather hide their wrong, and lose everything. Than to confess they are wrong.
And that is the highest sort of miserliness you can experience. Why? Cause that type of miserliness makes that person not respected, not loved, dejected and it makes them know they are not doing the right thing. So it leads to that. It leads to what? It leads to emotional giving in a good way.
Highly realized practitioners can give up their wife, or not have one for you. Meaning they can spend their whole life as dharma practitioners. Monks or nuns. And not be attached to partners. For you. It’s a giving.
People who have to have a wife, have to have a husband, have to have a partner, and that overrides Dharma. They are actually not giving.
So they are very far away from Buddhahood. There’s no Buddha that needs a consort. There’s no Buddha that needs a partner. There’s no Buddha that needs a wife or a husband. If they needed one, it would be a Buddha.
So therefore, the highest practitioners, they can come back life after life happy and single.
Really happy and single. Not frustrated. You know how some people say “Oh I’m happy to be single” but you know they are not. It’s just that they can’t get anybody. So they pretend that they are happy but they are not.
But they won’t be happy being non single either.
Because their happiness doesn’t come from being single or non single. So what happens?

The highest form of giving is emotional giving.
To be able to easily let go of one’s attachments.
Imagine telling a person: “Oh, can you be a nun?” They will say no. Why? “Oh I can’t, I need a boyfriend.” Or “can you be a monk?” “Oh I can’t, I need a wife. Or I need romance. But I want to practice giving.” I’m like okay.

It doesn’t match. Those people they in fact hamper their spiritual growth. Is it possible to have a spiritual relationship with a partner and they can help each other grow? Yes definitely possible. There are people who can be with their partners, and they can grow together and help each other grow. It’s definitely possible. But that one we have to check out ourselves. When we are with our partners, so we want to do more? Do we become better? Is our minds more focused? Are we accomplishing more? That’s what we need to check with ourselves.

So to be Buddhist practitioners do we need to be always single? Not necessary. For some yes, it is necessary.
Just like for some, they need to take the vow of not taking alcohol. Because by drinking alcohol they create violence, unhappiness in people’s lives. So for some people, they need to take the vow.
But for some, they no need to take the vow, cause for them taking alcohol is to relax, just make others happy, it’s a social thing, doesn’t create anything. So it’s ok.
It’s not the alcohol that’s the bad karma, it’s what you do with it.
So it’s not your partner, your wife, your boyfriend or your alcohol or your fun, or your branded stuff that makes you a better person or that’s bad. It’s what you do with it afterwards.
So if you take branded things, and you become arrogant, you want to go around showing off to other people and put other people down or you want to show you’re somebody. Then that branded item creates negative karma for you. So it’s not the branded item, it’s your mind. So what should you do?
Don’t have branded items for the moment.
Because you’re suffering when you don’t have it. It means you definitely do not need it. That’s how we check ourselves. But be honest with Buddha.
If you can’t be honest with Buddha, then you will never be Buddha and progress on your spiritual practice. ‘
His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


A Song

Homage to the Buddhas of the past, present and future.
Homage to Dipankara, Shakyamuni and Maitreya.
Homage to my precious Gurus, Buddhas & Sangha in all directions.
Without Dharma, life is but a meaningless cycle,
a robotic existence with a mundane existence.
Family, friends or foes , what difference is there?
When there is gathering, there is separation.
When there is birth, there is death.
Birth, aging, sickness and death.
All is inevitable.
But with Dharma, living has a purpose.
Avoiding the unvirtuous, applying the methods daily.
Cultivating one’s mind towards compassion.
Increasing one’s wisdom with Buddha’s spoken nectar.
You become aware of samsaricness within and around.
If you feel for a moment any joy in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any sadness in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any anger in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any disappointment in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
Our body is filled with filth, blood, stools, flakes, bile, stones, impurities, bacteria and yet we cling onto this body like it is so precious.
We adorn it with perfume to musk our odor,
we adorn it with fine apparel to appear attractive to others,
we put on colors on our faces to appear attractive to others,
we change our hair color to appear as a different identity,
we cover our graying hair to hide our aging.
Women adorn little clothes to attract the attention of a mate,
what difference does this differentiate us from a peacock attracting a peahen with array of colors and dance?
Women adorning long fake eyelashes to batter at men,
what difference does this differentiate from a camel having luscious lashes to keep out the sand?
Women wearing skimpy tops to show their cleavage,
what difference does this differentiate from a cow showing off her udders?
All appearances are but temporal.
All are aging with every minute second, yet everyone behaves like death is so far away.
But when death comes, all tremble before it.
For all spent their life frivolously.
All refuses to see the goodness in being vegetarian,
All enjoy gathering, sharing recipes. Skinning, picking out and hammering bones. Seasoning and boiling to a stew and garnishing.
All enjoy feasting on the flesh of others like flesh devouring beasts.
All enjoy gathering, hunting and fishing, where one feels the thrill of hunting down a poor helpless being.
Many adversities happen after, then one blames it on ‘unluckiness’.
We caused them pain, they caused us pain back. Isn’t this plain cause and effect?
The effect will happen immediately or later. All’s dependable on when’s the right time for karma to strike.
Then who else can we blame but ourselves?
When death approaches, the ones whom you feasted upon will drag you into the depths of hell in chains seeking redress of grievances to Yama the Lord of Death.
By then, the only cries you hear will be the cries of you and countless others who are of the same in molten cauldron while wasting away the human body on meat feasting and gathering.
A man telling a woman he loves her (vice versa), oh what blasphemy.
A woman asks a man what does he love about her? He answers “Everything”.
Oh what blasphemy.
If she loses her arms, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her legs, would you still see her the same?
If she cuts off her locks of hairs, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her sight, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her hearing. would you still see her the same?
If she loses her speech, would you still see her the same?
If she is child barren, would you still see her the same?
If her mouth stenches of rotting teeth and gums, would you still see her the same?
If her face was filled with wrinkles, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her breasts, would you still see her the same?
If she doesn’t want to have any bodily sexuality with you, would you still see her the same?
If she doesn’t fulfill her wifely duties, would you still see her the same?
Oh what lies does a woman like to hear and words a lustful man would say.
When a human craves for nothing but sexual companionship their whole life,
they waste away their precious time trying to find the ‘perfect’ partner.
And not before long, all who are so attached to their spouse, loses them to death.
& soon after they follow.
Since they longed for each other so much while as humans, they take rebirth as swans or mandarin ducks. A lifelong companions in the animal realms. Oh what pity it is to waste away the human life on this grasping.
May one grow up to be a Bodhisattva.
May all always remember the kindness of their Gurus.
May all be filial to their parents.
May all impart the precious gifts of Dharma to one’s parents to repay their kindness.
May all remember the kindness of their parents, 7 lifetimes of parents and ancestors.
May all have a renunciation mind from young.
May all never use the media to view lustful acts of videos or images.
May all avoid masturbation to avoid increasing the lustful habituation.
May all avoid the unvirtuous and cultivate the virtuous.
May all remember and repay the kindness of others always.
May all transform their bad character tendencies into good quality character tendencies.
May all promote the benefits of vegetarianism, liberating animals and repentance.
May all who can’t calm their agitated minds, start loving the quietness of meditation.
May all who are gossipy, never judge others and hold back their tongues in conversations.
May all enjoy solitude and to never seek the companionship of others to feel wanted.
May all never be greedy in acquiring new objects to resolve attachment to senses.
May all never let greed take over when in business or job.
May all never gamble away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never smoke away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never drink away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never eat away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never sing and dance away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never lavish on fancy clothes or rides but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never be grasping to money but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all be a benefit to society and help to give back anything within their means.
May all never forget to dedicate merits to all who are in existence.
May all never forget to vanquish the thirst and hunger of the hungry ghosts.
May all feed the tiny insects and birds with sugary drinks and seeds.
May all feed the strays and never choose to ignore their pains.
May all never be in any business that involves the harming of beings.
May all never do the acts of killing, hunting or abortions.
May all never create premarital sexual misconduct.
May all never commit adultery or cheat on their partners.
May all help to preserve and spread the precious Dharma to others.
May all not use Dharma to make monetary out of it for one’s own benefits.
May Dharma be given freely to all. Whether a beggar or a king.
May all practice equanimity to all beings.
May Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana practitioners be in harmony and unbiased towards any schools.


Quotes by His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


Tsem Rinpoche: Praise to Avalokitesvara, the supreme Lord of Compassion. A true teacher will be kind to all levels of people and will not see the differences between them except how to be kind and benefit them. He looks upon them to relieve their sufferings to some degree. A true follower of this teacher will do the same in order to follow the teacher’s footsteps. Therefore a disciple who wishes to please a TRUE teacher will be humble, take care of the teacher’s circle of students and people and treat everyone well. When we treat the teacher’s people well, we treat the teacher well. When we are kind to everyone, WE PLEASE THE TRUE TEACHER TREMENDOUSLY because a true teacher only wants the best for us and the best is to have a kind and generous and unbiased mind. When we are kind, we benefit ourselves and others so much. To be humble is to gain and earn everyone’s respect and open the Vajra Yogini (Buddhahood) nature within us. To be biased is to keep the Vajra Yogini nature locked away. Our goal as a spiritualist is to open the Vajra Yogini nature inherit in all of us. Sarva Mangalam. Tsem Rinpoche

Tsem Rinpoche: The amount of suffering, fear and pain they have to experience should be experienced by no one whether animal or human. It is heartbreaking to continuously see the sufferings animals endure for our ‘pleasures’. I do feel helpless, but helpless or not, we must create more awareness tirelessly. With awareness, their suffering can eventually be reduced. The ones who are slaughtered, it’s too late. We can only shed tears but we have to still be concerned about future slaughter of animals and try to prevent. Helping and being kind to animals is not spiritual, strange or unnatural, but pure empathy of understanding their pain in that no sentient beings would want to suffer. Tsem Rinpoche

Tsem Rinpoche: I rarely feel lonely. I am quite fine being alone. I sometimes feel more lonely with many people than I do by myself. Tsem Rinpoche