Quote of the Day

“Practice with the bodhisattva attitude every day. People can’t see your mind; what people see is a manifestation of your attitude in your actions of body and speech. So pay attention to your attitude all the time. Guard it as if you are the police, or like a parent cares for a child, like a bodyguard, or as if you are the guru and your mind is your disciple.”


A Song

Homage to the Buddhas of the past, present and future.
Homage to Dipankara, Shakyamuni and Maitreya.
Homage to my precious Gurus, Buddhas & Sangha in all directions.
Without Dharma, life is but a meaningless cycle,
a robotic existence with a mundane existence.
Family, friends or foes , what difference is there?
When there is gathering, there is separation.
When there is birth, there is death.
Birth, aging, sickness and death.
All is inevitable.
But with Dharma, living has a purpose.
Avoiding the unvirtuous, applying the methods daily.
Cultivating one’s mind towards compassion.
Increasing one’s wisdom with Buddha’s spoken nectar.
You become aware of samsaricness within and around.
If you feel for a moment any joy in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any sadness in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any anger in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
If you feel for a moment any disappointment in this existence, know that it’s temporal.
Our body is filled with filth, blood, stools, flakes, bile, stones, impurities, bacteria and yet we cling onto this body like it is so precious.
We adorn it with perfume to musk our odor,
we adorn it with fine apparel to appear attractive to others,
we put on colors on our faces to appear attractive to others,
we change our hair color to appear as a different identity,
we cover our graying hair to hide our aging.
Women adorn little clothes to attract the attention of a mate,
what difference does this differentiate us from a peacock attracting a peahen with array of colors and dance?
Women adorning long fake eyelashes to batter at men,
what difference does this differentiate from a camel having luscious lashes to keep out the sand?
Women wearing skimpy tops to show their cleavage,
what difference does this differentiate from a cow showing off her udders?
All appearances are but temporal.
All are aging with every minute second, yet everyone behaves like death is so far away.
But when death comes, all tremble before it.
For all spent their life frivolously.
All refuses to see the goodness in being vegetarian,
All enjoy gathering, sharing recipes. Skinning, picking out and hammering bones. Seasoning and boiling to a stew and garnishing.
All enjoy feasting on the flesh of others like flesh devouring beasts.
All enjoy gathering, hunting and fishing, where one feels the thrill of hunting down a poor helpless being.
Many adversities happen after, then one blames it on ‘unluckiness’.
We caused them pain, they caused us pain back. Isn’t this plain cause and effect?
The effect will happen immediately or later. All’s dependable on when’s the right time for karma to strike.
Then who else can we blame but ourselves?
When death approaches, the ones whom you feasted upon will drag you into the depths of hell in chains seeking redress of grievances to Yama the Lord of Death.
By then, the only cries you hear will be the cries of you and countless others who are of the same in molten cauldron while wasting away the human body on meat feasting and gathering.
A man telling a woman he loves her (vice versa), oh what blasphemy.
A woman asks a man what does he love about her? He answers “Everything”.
Oh what blasphemy.
If she loses her arms, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her legs, would you still see her the same?
If she cuts off her locks of hairs, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her sight, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her hearing. would you still see her the same?
If she loses her speech, would you still see her the same?
If she is child barren, would you still see her the same?
If her mouth stenches of rotting teeth and gums, would you still see her the same?
If her face was filled with wrinkles, would you still see her the same?
If she loses her breasts, would you still see her the same?
If she doesn’t want to have any bodily sexuality with you, would you still see her the same?
If she doesn’t fulfill her wifely duties, would you still see her the same?
Oh what lies does a woman like to hear and words a lustful man would say.
When a human craves for nothing but sexual companionship their whole life,
they waste away their precious time trying to find the ‘perfect’ partner.
And not before long, all who are so attached to their spouse, loses them to death.
& soon after they follow.
Since they longed for each other so much while as humans, they take rebirth as swans or mandarin ducks. A lifelong companions in the animal realms. Oh what pity it is to waste away the human life on this grasping.
May one grow up to be a Bodhisattva.
May all always remember the kindness of their Gurus.
May all be filial to their parents.
May all impart the precious gifts of Dharma to one’s parents to repay their kindness.
May all remember the kindness of their parents, 7 lifetimes of parents and ancestors.
May all have a renunciation mind from young.
May all never use the media to view lustful acts of videos or images.
May all avoid masturbation to avoid increasing the lustful habituation.
May all avoid the unvirtuous and cultivate the virtuous.
May all remember and repay the kindness of others always.
May all transform their bad character tendencies into good quality character tendencies.
May all promote the benefits of vegetarianism, liberating animals and repentance.
May all who can’t calm their agitated minds, start loving the quietness of meditation.
May all who are gossipy, never judge others and hold back their tongues in conversations.
May all enjoy solitude and to never seek the companionship of others to feel wanted.
May all never be greedy in acquiring new objects to resolve attachment to senses.
May all never let greed take over when in business or job.
May all never gamble away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never smoke away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never drink away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never eat away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never sing and dance away riches but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never lavish on fancy clothes or rides but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all never be grasping to money but use it freely to benefit the impoverished.
May all be a benefit to society and help to give back anything within their means.
May all never forget to dedicate merits to all who are in existence.
May all never forget to vanquish the thirst and hunger of the hungry ghosts.
May all feed the tiny insects and birds with sugary drinks and seeds.
May all feed the strays and never choose to ignore their pains.
May all never be in any business that involves the harming of beings.
May all never do the acts of killing, hunting or abortions.
May all never create premarital sexual misconduct.
May all never commit adultery or cheat on their partners.
May all help to preserve and spread the precious Dharma to others.
May all not use Dharma to make monetary out of it for one’s own benefits.
May Dharma be given freely to all. Whether a beggar or a king.
May all practice equanimity to all beings.
May Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana practitioners be in harmony and unbiased towards any schools.













































































作善生人天, 造恶招极苦, 罪福定无差, 智者善思惟。

Quotes from 《Eyes of Compassion 2》 by Venerable Master HaiTao



“After a Teacher who has real compassion reveals our mistakes, helping us to realize and eradicate these sufferings, then peace and harmony will return to our body.”

“It is not that Bodhisattvas are not blessing you, neither is it that Protectors are not protecting you, it is your incorrect words and behavior that has led to a lack of merit. If you can refrain from bad habits and do good deeds, naturally you will receive blessing and support.”

“From the time we begin studying Buddhism our state of mind should start to show corresponding changes. If we stop pointing the finger at others we will be surrounded by many kind and harmonious people. When we are walking on the path of Bodhichitta we will be more and more similar to Bodhisattvas, thus becoming more and more popular amongst people.”

“Don’t use Buddhist Dharma as a magnifying glass, always picking on the shortcomings of others. Just focus on your own shortcomings and problems, correcting them one by one. Truly reduce your pride and learn to be modest.”

“Don’t talk about the business of others and don’t look at the mistakes of others. Most important is to constantly observe your own mind daily.”

“If one attempts to possess all that one fancies, reject all that one hates, and fret over gains or losses, this not only causes vexations, but also creates karmic causes for descending into the cycle of reincarnation.”

“Visualize yourself reciting the Buddha’s name in a place where there is the most suffering. A lotus flower blooms with each recitation of Amitabha Buddha, and living beings are able to gain deliverance. Recite the Buddha’s name without separation from Bodhichitta, so the recitations do not become apathetic numbers.”

“Buddhist practice starts with having faith in the cause and effect as depicted by the law of Dependent Origination! Whereas ‘effect’ could be seen by others, it’s ’cause’ might only be known mostly by oneself.”

“Many people are unaware that their current blessings are rewards from meritorious virtues accrued during previous lives, and that the supply is limited. If one takes these blessings for granted without realizing and cherishing them, they will be quickly depleted.”

“Greed invariably causes one to have insatiable desires, attempting endlessly to force changes in phenomena for one’s satisfaction. Then when matters turn out contrary to one’s wishes, deep disappointments, various worries and frustrations are brought about. This is what makes Greed fearsome.”

“We should try to make those who like meat abandon their attachment to the taste of meat and wish for the flavor and nourishment of Dharma, treating all sentient beings with the same love they would show their only child, thus encouraging one another and developing great compassion.”

“Although the length of time to eat a meal is brief, but as we make a choice of vegetarian versus meat, the seed of fortune or misfortune will have already been planted in our minds.”

“When we read Buddhist scriptures we are not simply reading the words inside! We read Buddhist scriptures out of consideration for the world around us, and to care for all living beings.”

“Cultivation begins first with building a solid foundation, by living as a righteous and honest person. Secondly, by having remorse for vile deeds. Thirdly, by remaining humble and being content with less desires.”

“True cultivation is when you cultivate regardless of happiness or sadness; you cultivate regardless of ease or difficulty; you cultivate regardless of whether it’s hot or cold.”

“In the eyes of a Bodhisattva, there are no people to despise upon, nor are there any matters to frown upon. For all of us, in order to reach Buddhahood, the beginning lesson is in the path of becoming a Bodhisattva.”

“Please pray sincerely that fish are not tempted to take the bait; animals aren’t caught in a trap and human beings will not kill anymore.”

“By going vegetarian, we are not only savings the animals, but also saving our souls.”

“Break a bad habit and replace it with a good one which is good for you and for all living beings. To cultivate, you need to change yourself first!”

“Those without enough merit often hear rights and wrongs while those with enough merit hear none.”

“Every place of this world could be our Pure Land where we should study and practice benefiting others and spreading compassion.”

“Anger ruins all people with no exception, including yourself. If ever mind gets overpowered by the feeling of anger, peace and happiness would fade away into obscurity.”

“Not pardoning or forgiving others is to give yourself suffering.”

“Those who are always searching for others’ faults to attack will not only lose their temper easily, becoming more and more miserable, but will even adversely affect their own health.”

“In modern society there is a tendency to maintain health by detoxification. This is perhaps just as if not more necessary for our heart, as it is the toxic within, which impacts our life the longest and deepest.”

“There is no need to say anything when angry. Besides telling oneself to calm down, remaining smiling is also a must. Usually this avoids unnecessary trouble and harm to both parties.”

“Swallow your pride and you can learn more, clean out your negative thinking and bad habits to free up space for greater wisdom.”

“A narrow minded person is always stubborn, plagued by pain and hatred. Have ease of mind and allow yourself happiness!”

“If one wants to gain wealth, the most basic discipline one needs to obey is not to steal, not only in this life, but also vow to obey this discipline in afterlives!”

“One who is truly practicing will be grateful and remorseful when in suffering, rather than making complaints.”

“Exchange unwholesome thoughts for faith and love. Substitute beneficial speech for idle chitchat. Replace meaningless activities with bowing and circumambulation of Stupas.”

“The best stratagem for good health and longevity is vegetarianism, by not causing enmity towards all living beings.”

“Assisting those orphaned or impoverished is charitable; persuading people to seek the Dharma is even more so.”

“Worldly people seeking happiness are only increasing their desires, the cravings of which are ceaseless.”

“People in this world like to indulge their desires and never feel contented. This is like drinking water from the sea, which will only make them feel more thirsty.”

“Not only do people need love, but animals also need careful attention and protection.”

“All the suffering you have brought to other living beings will come back to you. No matter what you encounter, don’t blame others, it’s all caused by yourself.”

“Although this world will always make us suffer, never give up your kind heart.”

“Such is a hallmark of pride if one is unable to perceive one’s own faults and shortcomings, while only seeing those of others. It is the root of all suffering.”

“Transformation of destiny begins now – Think good thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds.” 

Selected quotes from<<Eyes of Compassion 2>> <<慈悲的眼睛2》》 by Venerable Master HaiTao.

The 3 Lifetimes of Cause And Effect 三世因果

The 3 Lifetimes of Cause And Effect

“If asking about previous life matters, look at where you are at present.
If asking about futuristic matters, see what you’re doing at present.”

Good men, good women, listen to these words. Listen and recite this 3 Lifetimes of Cause and Effect Sutra. Do not undermine the 3 lifetimes of Cause and Effect Sutra. The good and bad actions will follow you like a shadow.
If you are an official in this lifetime, for 3 lifetimes you had adorned Buddha’s body with gold. 3 lifetimes of cultivation, you will experience in this lifetime. Adorned in purple robes and jade, you will seek Buddha in these.
Adorning Buddha in gold, you will in return adorn yourself alike, speaking endlessly about Tatagatha, will cover your worldly body. Do not say that being an official is an easy task, if previously you did not practise, it will never come to fruition now.
Riding in horses and carriages what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had mended bridges to aid travellers. Wearing silken garments what’s the cause? In previous lifetimes, you had offered robes to aid Monastics.
Abundance of food and clothing what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had given tea and rice to the the impoverished. Lacking in food and clothing what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you were miserly and refused to give.
Highrise buildings what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had donated rice to small Buddhist temples. Abundance of good fortune and blessings what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had built huts and pavillions for shelter.
Having a dignified and majestic appearance what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had offered flowers and fruits to Buddha. Being intelligent and filled with wisdom what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you were vegetarian and prayed to Buddha.
Virtuous wife and beautiful woman what’s the cause? Forming affinities within Buddhist community. Husband and wife having longevity what’s the cause? Offering long prayer banners before Buddha.
Having both parents what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had respected lonely solitary orphaned/parentless people. Having either parent or not having parents, what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you were unfilial and rebellious towards them.
Having lots of children and grandchildren what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had saved and liberated many birds from cages. Failure in adopting a child what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had drowned an infant.
Having no child what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you had an abortion/lewd. Having a long life what’s the cause? In prevous lifetime, you bought and rescued animals to liberate them.
Having a short premature life what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you slaughtered beings. Not having a wife in this lifetime what’s the cause? In previous lifetime you schemed and had an affair with other’s wife.
Remaing a widow what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you belittled your huband. Being a slave what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you were ungrateful to those who were kind to you.
Having clear sight what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you offered oil lamps to Buddha. Being blind what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you ruin roads thus causing blindness to others.
Having bad breath what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you snuffed out Buddha’s light offerings by breath. Being deaf or dumb what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you disrespectfully scolded your parents.
Being hunchbacked what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you ridiculed those who prostrated or prayed to Buddha. Being clumsy with hands what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you created the cause to harm others.
Being lame/crippled what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you blocked the way and rob others. Being a cattle/horse what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you owed others money and didn’t return back.
Being a pig/dog what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you created all causes to lie and harm others. Plagued with many sickness what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you offered alcohol and meat to Buddha & monks.
Free of sickness what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you donated medicine to aid the sick. Being imprisoned what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you did evil to harm others.
Starved to death what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you ruined those who tend to food crops. Being poisoned to death what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you used flowers to poison others.
Suffering in loneliness what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you evilly schemed to harm and frame others. Being short in stature what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you read Dharma books/Sutras on floors.
Vomiting blood what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you prayed with alcohol and meat. Being deaf what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you listened to Dharma but didn’t pay attention.
Being a mentally challenged what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you offered meat to Buddha. Having body odours what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you offered bad tainted incense to Buddha and Deities.
Hanging oneself what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you robbed in the mountains. Being widowed and lonely what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, you were ruthlessly jealous of others.
Lightning strikes that causes fires what’s the cause? There is unjustifiable unfairness happening. Being bitten by snakes and tigers what’s the cause? In previous lifetime, they were your enemies.
All the different kinds of things we do, we must reflect upon. Those who are suffering in hells, to whom should they tell? No one can see karma itself, but it will lay upon close to your children, grandchildren and close to you.
Not believing in being vegetarian or being a practitioner, but seeing others basking in good fortune and blessings. What you reap in previous lifetime, you will sow in this lifetime. This lifetime if you accumulate merits, you benefit the futuristic you.
If one slanders Cause And Effect Sutra, that person will not gain a human rebirth in the next lifetime. If one abides by Cause And Effect Sutra, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will stand witness to this.
If one writes Cause And Effect Sutra, their children, grandchildren and families will prosper and flourish. If one carries Cause And Effect Sutra on them, ominous disasters or unexpected calamity will not befall upon them.
If one speaks on Cause And Effect Sutra, from lifetime to lifetime, they will be intelligent. If one sings Cause And Effect Sutra, in their next lifetime, they will be well respected.
If one gifts another with Cause And Effect Sutra, in their next lifetime, they will be Emperors. If one bows to Cause And Effect Sutra, everything they do will be gratifying.
If one preaches Cause And Effect Sutra, in their afterlife and next lifetime, they will be enbued with wisdom. If one believes deeply in Cause And Effect Sutra, they will be reborn in PureLand.
If asking about previous lifetime Cause And Effect Sutra, what’s the cause of becoming Emperor Liang Huang? If Cause and Effect doesn’t resonates, why did Xi’s mother befall with a python?
If asking on afterlife Cause And Effect Sutra, Mulian saving his mother is due to what cause? To expound on The 3 Lifetimes of Cause And Effect Sutra is endless, heavens will not deficit a benevolent person.
To practise in Triple Gems will reap blessings, to part with one dime and in return you will get back 10,000 dimes. Sovereign will be stored in fortune’s vault, lifetime after lifetime, it will not be exhausted.

Mandarin Version:


Do it Now! – By His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Excerpt from His Eminence teachings in Video 1:

I don’t like talking dharma, listening to dharma, smiling and go home. & nothing happens decade after decade. I don’t like that. I like dharma that manifests into actions. Social actions. Actions that helps others. Actions that benefits others. Even animals.

When we do things for ourselves, it’s very dreary after a while.

Honestly when we die, I think the biggest regret, the thing that makes people bitter. That makes people older bitter, younger bitter or anyone bitter and unhappy and very unsatisfied and unsettled is that your life was worth nothing.

That your life was amounted to nothing. That your life gave nothing. That your life wasn’t worth anything to anyone else that you affected nobody.

So I think the thing that makes people the most unhappy and the thing that makes people the most sad or angry is that they know they lived their lives just taking care of themselves. Just being selfish, just eating and sleeping, and just having kids, or having a few dogs, or just having a car, house, and then everybody has flash in their mind. Is this all? Is that all I have done in my life?

An ant can make a house, a bee can make a house. A bird can make a nest and feed the young. What have I done? So the biggest thing that bothers people is when they look back at their life, they say, what did I do for anyone? And your kids, husbands and wives don’t count. Your partners don’t count.

What did I do for anyone?

How did I live my life?

We should instill our children and young people with a higher thought, the thought of benefitting society. The thought of helping others. The benefits of working and taking time out for others. You know why?

Cause when they get older, they will be happier people, not so bitter. Less crimes, less divorce, less separation, less fighting. Fighting, crime, divorce all comes from dissatisfaction with ourselves. It all comes from that. And if you keep going the same way, get married, just have kids, have a job, just pay your bills, just on weekends go to disco, have some fun, look for boyfriend, look for girlfriend, you know what? You’re totally wasting your time. You’re wasting your time from any angle you’re looking at it.

Totally wasting your time.

Why are you wasting your time?

What’s that going to amount to?

Then you will say oh I’m young, I still have time. That’s right, but you know what? When you’re young, and you do nothing, you end up old and doing nothing.

Do you know why? You don’t become old and suddenly become a saint. You got to have the causes.

People respect old monks because they have created the causes to become monks their whole lives. We really prostrate to them. If you become a monk yesterday, we will say move over.

So a sense of having not done much with our lives, or a sense of using our lives just for ourselves, really really makes people bitter. Makes people unhappy. And you know at the end of their lives, they really feel ugly. ”

“Saving someone’s life wasn’t living how long, it was about how you lived. It was what you did when you are alive. It wasn’t how long you lived. Just eat & exploit the planet. But it’s how you lived.”

“If you lived for yourself, you would be unhappy, you would be angry, you will make people around you angry, you will always make yourself unhappy. Let me tell you why, because you’re angry with yourself. Because you hate yourself. Because you hate what you have become. What you have been doing. What you’re becoming and where you’re going. You hate yourself. And you know what? It doesn’t go away by keeping quiet. It doesn’t go away by hiding. It doesn’t go away if you avoid it. It gets bigger.

And this hatred for ourselves is the causes of our anger. And this hatred for ourselves comes from doing nothing for others. Just me.

People might find and just say, ‘hey, but I’m taking care of my kid, I’m taking care of my wife, I’m taking care of my husband’ that’s not a big deal, everybody is doing that. That doesn’t mean you’re a saint.

It doesn’t mean you have done something extraordinary. ”

“We hate ourselves and we express that anger towards others, you know why? Cause we know we have done nothing in our lives. We know we failed. And you know what? Making a lot of money gives you temporary happiness but it’s not really it. That’s why when people join the dharma centre or church or synagogue or mosque or Sikh temple, it doesn’t matter. And they are doing a great job by helping animal shelters, they help the sick, they help the elderly, and they give and they donate. They feel really good.

You know why?

Cause when they do something good for others, their anger calms down. You know why their anger calms down? They start to feel self worth.

People look for self worth in a relationship. If I get the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, she’s wonderful, and I walk around with her, I made it. I got it. I’m it.

You can be a tall dark handsome gorgeous stud like I was, then after awhile you end up like this. And this isn’t it. It doesn’t stop here ok?

And if you’re a beautiful princess, you know you got great hair, great lashes, and it’s not even false. And you’re walking around blinking at everybody in KH, keep your blinks to yourself. But you know what? It’s going to fade. And then what? And nothing happens.

So don’t rely on everything external alone. Maintain. Don’t walk outside smelling like garbage and never combing your hair. Maintain yourself. Look clean. But don’t think that that’s it.

So my point is, if you’re always focused on yourself, if you always do things for yourself. And you always work for yourself,you’re going to end up bitter.

You’re going to be bitter. You’re going to hate yourself. You’re going to have a lot of regrets. You’re going to have difficulty sleeping. You’re going to be afraid of death. Do you know why? Cause deep down inside, you know what you haven’t done and have done. So that’s what make people really angry. That’s why when people join a religious organization or NGO, they do things for others, they really feel happy. I mean they get pissed off, angry, they want to leave, they want to quit and all that stuff, that’s normal. That’s in the beginning.

But they feel really happy when they join something. You know why? When they join a church, temple, KH or whatever, and they do work like we have 12 departments. They feel happy. And sometimes they can’t explain why. Let me tell you why.

Cause it helps so many people.”

His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

海濤法師 跟著菩薩一起慈悲





为什么? 不慈悲。