Do it Now! – By His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Excerpt from His Eminence teachings in Video 1:

I don’t like talking dharma, listening to dharma, smiling and go home. & nothing happens decade after decade. I don’t like that. I like dharma that manifests into actions. Social actions. Actions that helps others. Actions that benefits others. Even animals.

When we do things for ourselves, it’s very dreary after a while.

Honestly when we die, I think the biggest regret, the thing that makes people bitter. That makes people older bitter, younger bitter or anyone bitter and unhappy and very unsatisfied and unsettled is that your life was worth nothing.

That your life was amounted to nothing. That your life gave nothing. That your life wasn’t worth anything to anyone else that you affected nobody.

So I think the thing that makes people the most unhappy and the thing that makes people the most sad or angry is that they know they lived their lives just taking care of themselves. Just being selfish, just eating and sleeping, and just having kids, or having a few dogs, or just having a car, house, and then everybody has flash in their mind. Is this all? Is that all I have done in my life?

An ant can make a house, a bee can make a house. A bird can make a nest and feed the young. What have I done? So the biggest thing that bothers people is when they look back at their life, they say, what did I do for anyone? And your kids, husbands and wives don’t count. Your partners don’t count.

What did I do for anyone?

How did I live my life?

We should instill our children and young people with a higher thought, the thought of benefitting society. The thought of helping others. The benefits of working and taking time out for others. You know why?

Cause when they get older, they will be happier people, not so bitter. Less crimes, less divorce, less separation, less fighting. Fighting, crime, divorce all comes from dissatisfaction with ourselves. It all comes from that. And if you keep going the same way, get married, just have kids, have a job, just pay your bills, just on weekends go to disco, have some fun, look for boyfriend, look for girlfriend, you know what? You’re totally wasting your time. You’re wasting your time from any angle you’re looking at it.

Totally wasting your time.

Why are you wasting your time?

What’s that going to amount to?

Then you will say oh I’m young, I still have time. That’s right, but you know what? When you’re young, and you do nothing, you end up old and doing nothing.

Do you know why? You don’t become old and suddenly become a saint. You got to have the causes.

People respect old monks because they have created the causes to become monks their whole lives. We really prostrate to them. If you become a monk yesterday, we will say move over.

So a sense of having not done much with our lives, or a sense of using our lives just for ourselves, really really makes people bitter. Makes people unhappy. And you know at the end of their lives, they really feel ugly. ”

“Saving someone’s life wasn’t living how long, it was about how you lived. It was what you did when you are alive. It wasn’t how long you lived. Just eat & exploit the planet. But it’s how you lived.”

“If you lived for yourself, you would be unhappy, you would be angry, you will make people around you angry, you will always make yourself unhappy. Let me tell you why, because you’re angry with yourself. Because you hate yourself. Because you hate what you have become. What you have been doing. What you’re becoming and where you’re going. You hate yourself. And you know what? It doesn’t go away by keeping quiet. It doesn’t go away by hiding. It doesn’t go away if you avoid it. It gets bigger.

And this hatred for ourselves is the causes of our anger. And this hatred for ourselves comes from doing nothing for others. Just me.

People might find and just say, ‘hey, but I’m taking care of my kid, I’m taking care of my wife, I’m taking care of my husband’ that’s not a big deal, everybody is doing that. That doesn’t mean you’re a saint.

It doesn’t mean you have done something extraordinary. ”

“We hate ourselves and we express that anger towards others, you know why? Cause we know we have done nothing in our lives. We know we failed. And you know what? Making a lot of money gives you temporary happiness but it’s not really it. That’s why when people join the dharma centre or church or synagogue or mosque or Sikh temple, it doesn’t matter. And they are doing a great job by helping animal shelters, they help the sick, they help the elderly, and they give and they donate. They feel really good.

You know why?

Cause when they do something good for others, their anger calms down. You know why their anger calms down? They start to feel self worth.

People look for self worth in a relationship. If I get the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, she’s wonderful, and I walk around with her, I made it. I got it. I’m it.

You can be a tall dark handsome gorgeous stud like I was, then after awhile you end up like this. And this isn’t it. It doesn’t stop here ok?

And if you’re a beautiful princess, you know you got great hair, great lashes, and it’s not even false. And you’re walking around blinking at everybody in KH, keep your blinks to yourself. But you know what? It’s going to fade. And then what? And nothing happens.

So don’t rely on everything external alone. Maintain. Don’t walk outside smelling like garbage and never combing your hair. Maintain yourself. Look clean. But don’t think that that’s it.

So my point is, if you’re always focused on yourself, if you always do things for yourself. And you always work for yourself,you’re going to end up bitter.

You’re going to be bitter. You’re going to hate yourself. You’re going to have a lot of regrets. You’re going to have difficulty sleeping. You’re going to be afraid of death. Do you know why? Cause deep down inside, you know what you haven’t done and have done. So that’s what make people really angry. That’s why when people join a religious organization or NGO, they do things for others, they really feel happy. I mean they get pissed off, angry, they want to leave, they want to quit and all that stuff, that’s normal. That’s in the beginning.

But they feel really happy when they join something. You know why? When they join a church, temple, KH or whatever, and they do work like we have 12 departments. They feel happy. And sometimes they can’t explain why. Let me tell you why.

Cause it helps so many people.”

His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


海濤法師 跟著菩薩一起慈悲





为什么? 不慈悲。




Venerable Hai Tao Dharma Advice from Myanmar Monks

海濤法師 緬甸傳統佛教文化

-Offering of popcorn n honey to Buddha & dedicate to aborted babies/miscarriage babies for quick swift rebirth.

-Offer ginkgo/Sugar Apple 释迦果to Triple Gems to eliminate strokes
-Unripened Pineapples & honey, refrigerate 2-3 days, eat once a day, to reduce stomach cancer pain.
-For relieve vegetative state patients from that state of suffering, offer coconut rice & smoke offerings to Buddha on Fridays
– Poor eyesight, depression, use olives橄榄 to offer to Triple gems. After which to consume 3 a day
-Use tamarind to offer to Triple Gems, can eliminate heart problems
-For heart problem & high blood pressure patients, offer water to Buddha & offer water for others to consume
– To eliminate depression & sadness, offer up light offerings before Buddha & look at them for 5 minutes.
-For leg pains, before sleeping, immerse legs for 10minutes in warm water with coarse salt. Dry legs with dry cloth. Do not have fan or a/c turned on.
-Sponsoring old folks home with medications, dedicating the merits to drug users to eradicate karma
-Offering coconut water with Mani pills to Buddha, & give drug users to drink, will assist them in eliminating the bad habit
-For headaches, use a piece of brass to touch the painful area. & place it there for 5 minutes to remove pain
-To relieve bodily aches, eat more red dates
-To relieve backaches, before sleep, apply ointment驱风油 & sesame oil麻油 on back areas.
-To relieve coughs, boil ginger & honey to drink. Add 3 pieces of plywood below pillow
-To relieve sore throats, can eat raw aloe vera 蘆薈. For women with menstrual cramps, can eat them too. 1-2inches of aloe vera for 3 weeks
– Use our bodies to help our parents to prostrate/pray to Buddha & dedicate the merits for their good health
– Living in a single parent family since young, can animal liberate a pair of female & male birds, hoping for next rebirth to have a complete parental family
– Parents should offer the kind of flowers they love to Buddha & dedicate for their children to have a blissful life and be filial towards them
– For parents & children who are not harmonious, take your child’s photo, use a red pen to draw a circle. Place it under your child’s pillow for sleep, for effective communication between parents and children
– Offering prayer banners at a Buddha Pagoda佛塔, will make children more studious and better at studying & at work
– Offering walking sticks拐杖to monastics sangha, will in turn let children be more obedient. The virtuous actions will lead the children in the right directions
-For children with a bad temper, can gift the child a fan小扇子accessory in gold or silver & adorn on body. Can eradicate the bad temper.
-When a child doesn’t listen to parents, parents can offer a cup of water to Buddha, & recite this while offering the water :”May my child be obedient & listen to our words.” & then give the water to the child to drink.
– Liberating small fishes can result in a more blissful marriage & successful events
– To minimize quarrels between couples, offer sweets to Buddha
– Falling in love with a person whom you shouldn’t be with, offer vegetarian buns to Buddha. To eliminate the wrongful love/cravings
– For married couples to have a blissful happy relationship, offer 3 vegetarian buns to Buddha on Fridays
– If a married couple’s marriage is on the rocks, use a red photo frame to place the couple’s photo within
– If a married woman is infertile, try liberating small fishes to improve fertility rates. Works best when done personally
– Donating chairs to children’s home or old folks home can improve & eliminate the strained relationships between siblings/relatives/friends
– Offering glutinous rice to Buddha will improve brotherly/sisterly/friends relationships
– Offer 3 lotus candles to Buddha will benefit our existing fathers
– Every Wednesday, Thursday, offer a ceramic bowl with rice to Buddha to eradicate squabbles & bad karmic affiliation between 2 persons. The rice must after which be given to other beings to eat.
– Having daughters at home, offer beautiful clothing to Avalokiteshvara / GuanYin 观世音菩萨 to ensure that daughter will not have sexual misconduct and to eradicate lustful advances. & to have Buddha’s blessings being bestowed. (Offered clothing are not to be taken back but to be handled by temple)
– When family doesn’t like practicing Buddhism, sponsor Sutra/Dharma books to monasteries. Offer 3 cups of tea to Buddha & dedicate to family
– When children are disobedient, offer tea on Tuesdays to Buddha. With a lotus in tea cup.
– Offering bananas to Buddha will ensure financials will not be drained
– For business to be prosperous, offer 3 artificial white flowers to Buddha
– For business to be prosperous, fill a glass bottle with rice husks & place in company. (Alternatively, you can also use white sugar to offer to Buddha)
– When someone wants to inflict harm intentionally unto you, use vegetarian soaps and offer to 5寶(Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Parents and Dharma Seniors). After 5 days, you can use offered soaps for personal showers
-For individuals who crave masturbating, use a glass cup filled with water, place stones in it. Cover a leaf over the top of cup. Offer to Buddha for 7 days, after which pour it away. Do it consistently and frequently to break away the habitual tendency of masturbation. Can dedicate this to children too, to break away their habitual tendency that increases one’s lust and desire.
– Do this for meat lovers, offer fruits in a covered offering bowl. Upon offering to Buddha, open the cover. Dedicating for the person that his or her cravings for consuming meat will be lessened significantly
– For smokers to eradicate their cravings for smoking. Use a red heart image and draw a white 十(symbols of 2 cigarettes) . & place it under his or her pillow. Change it every 3 days with a new piece.
– Hoping that others don’t smoke or drink alcohol, do virtuous deeds and dedicate merits to smokers and drinkers that they will eliminate this unvirtuous action
– To help the person eliminate boastfulness and lying tendencies, offer peanuts to Buddha on his or her behalf
– To pray for world peace, conduct a 9 days prayer sessions. On the last day, dedicate the merits to all sentient beings for peacefulness. & lastly all to consume sweet desserts.
– If seeking monastic paths as monks or nuns and obstacles arises, use Refuge Name daily instead of birth name. & to make aspiration wishes in front of Buddha for ordination to happen soon.
– Offer popcorn米花 and milk牛奶 to Buddha, especially to Padmasambhava(莲花生大士)

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