“SNAKES, ROOSTERS & PIGS (Part 3)” – Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

A short excerpt from His Eminence teachings in Video 3:

“It’s not the actions that make it negative. It’s the intent. It’s not the intent that makes it negative, it’s the habituation from which the intent arises.”

“You don’t have the habituation to keep your intent real & alive. That’s why habituation is very powerful. Habituation arises from holding your vows. The ability to hold your vows is a collection of merits that you have. The collection of merits helps you to keep the vows to get you to higher attainments. The purification of your negative karma stops you from breaking your vows. How strong your purification is, helps you to keep your ethics, morality and vows. And how strong you keep your vows, creates the actual re-habituation of what you have been doing for many times.
So if you always happily say I broke my vows, then happily be unhappy. Keep being happy with unhappy. So if you’re unhappy with yourself, keep breaking promises, keep breaking your vows, keep breaking your commitments, keep disturbing and destroying your samaya, keep doing it. Why? You’re happy being unhappy. Don’t you see people always depressed? Always unsuccessful? Things are going wrong? They’re always getting angry, can’t move, can’t transform, they’re stuck in their own little selfish world. Year after year after year and they never ever change. And they go on and on in their narrow little self grasping worlds.
Why? They don’t keep their vows. They don’t do purification practices to allow them to keep their vows. It’s all connected. So when you hold your vows, they’re not a prison.
Listen carefully. When you hold your vows, Pratimoksha, self liberation vows such as Refuge, Bodhichitta and Tantric vows, when you do hold your vows, rather than being put into prison and not allowing yourself to do things you like, you are releasing yourself from prison. Because you create the actual causes for yourself to enjoy the object in which you are attached to without accruing negative karma and hence you become Mukpo…
How do you check if your actions are good or not? You look at the people around you, are you affecting their lives? Are you changing their attitudes? Are you giving them a new perspective? Are you giving them hope? Do they leave you with knowledge, happiness and wisdom? If they are leaving you with knowledge happiness and wisdom, then you are giving them more hope, love and care, then whatever you’re doing, your methods are working. Whether you’re jumping up and down at them, or you’re sitting there giving them a massage, it doesn’t matter cause your actions don’t matter anymore. It’s your intent. And that’s what Mukpo is all about. He doesn’t operate from our reality, he operates from a reality of a non grasping mind. It’s very different and hence his actions are different.”