Contemplation Quotes of the day


“Whoever doesn’t flare up at someone who’s angry wins a battle hard to win.”

-The Buddha


Those who cause us miseries are the ones who bring us closer to Bodhicitta”

“Be daring enough to stay away from gossip or complaints and your happiness will find you.”

“Know that if you can accept death, then you can really live.”

“It is impossible to feel joy if you are consumed by anger.”

“Spend a little time each day contemplating all the good things.”

“If you are unhappy with yourself, then that is because you haven’t got to know you true self.”

“Be aware that if you react very strongly to criticism, you may, in turn, be a harsh critic.”

“Appreciating your life is the best investment you can ever make.”

“All beneficial activities come from compassion, it is fundamental.”

“Don’t be afraid of falling down; just know that you have the courage to stand up where you fall.”

-The Gyalwang Drukpa