Thoughts of the day

When we are in a higher scope of Buddhism, when we don’t apply the teachings or hold our precepts well. We are only creating the causes to take rebirth in the lower realms. So instead of being enlightened and out of Samsara, we are only degenerating oneself.
Buying new statues, imageries & offerings are beautiful, but how is that applicable if the core self doesn’t transform. Remember we are supposed to develop and nurture the Buddha Nature that’s present within all of us. Therefore transformations is essential on the path.
Example, 2 years after embracing Buddha Dharma, you’re still egoistic & intolerant, you still lie, cheat, gossipy, deceive with speech, you’re still angry, petty, stingy and mean to everyone. You still eat meat, non vegetarian, unfilial, wanting a relationship, lustful, committing adultery, smoking, gambling & being an alcoholic. 4 years passed, 6 years passed, 10 years passed, and you’re still the same core self as when u started in Buddha Dharma. Why is that so?
Don’t blame the Buddha Dharma. Don’t blame others. Even worse, never ever blame your Guru. Start taking blame for your own actions. It’s YOU. You let the habituations manifest and become unceasing in all worse possible manners. You don’t apply mindfulness and awareness in everything you do or say. Remember whatever you do or say represents the Buddha Dharma. & if you don’t behave like a true disciple or child of the Buddha, then I think it’s time you take a step back and contemplate on who you really are.
Never be a sectarian of the Buddha Dharma. Equanimity is essential especially during these degenerated times. When you become a sectarian and have differences between the different schools of Buddhism or thinking your school is more superior etc. Or looking down upon Hinayana. That’s 2 root reasons of never achieving Enlightenment.
Never misrepresent how a true Buddhist is supposed to be. Be inspiring, endearing & compassionate to others, so that when they see you, they notice your changes. & that inspires them to want to learn & incorporate Buddha Dharma into their daily lives too.
Transformations are essential. Internalize the teachings. Actualize the teachings.

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