Contemplate. A writing on anger by Guru Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. 

You know so much of our anger and expectations will disappear if we practice dharma. Whatever we are angry about with others there are just as many people angry with us for something else. They just don’t act in ways like we may show our displeasure.
The world will be filled with people who don’t perform the way we want and we judge them. When we overdo this, then anger arises.
Because we keep feeding our expectations and anger. Either we shout and ignore every single person that get on our nerves, or we just tone down what gets on our nerves. Number two option is better.
For the sake of harmony, progress and growth both on the inside and outside, we need to seriously be kind and tolerant to everyone. Because we can get wind disease (lung) and then we will be beyond immediate help. Anger is the biggest enemy of our lives. We don’t have to marry them, but be civil and courteous to those we have to work with and let them do what they can. To think we do more than others and others are not as good negates the whole purpose of doing something good…. Isn’t that such a simple and BASIC grass roots way to be a good person, with manners and even doing dharma? Of course it is.
– Tsem Rinpoche