Association and Disassociation. Live a altruistic & cruelty Free Life. Make a wise choice.

People like to use different terms to A) associate and B) disassociate with others and it applies even towards their meals.

Example A) :

“this is my best friend.” or “this is the love of my life”,

these are terms that we use to let others know the other party’s status with us. When he/she is our friend, there’s no need to classify them into different categories or “classes”. Friends are friends. But indirectly we are inputting this illusory thought into our own mind. We are only causing more pain and suffering onto ourselves. Just like when every friendship sours or relationship ends, we will be having all sorts of mixed feelings within again. Always contemplate on impermanence and the happiness/sorrow that you experience will be nothing more than a temporary fleeting emotion.

However, don’t misinterpret what i’m trying to say here, i’m not asking everyone to be zombie like without emotions. But it is to clarify that we don’t put specified terms or preference to people around us but to treat everyone with equanimity, altruism & love. But when in special cases, if the person is dragging you down in terms of well being or growth spiritually, it would be in one’s advantage to let go of hindrances. Wish them well and let it go. Move on.

Example B) :

People like to disassociate their meals they ordered from its source.

Simply because they want to feel less guilty in the process of consumption.

Examples: Pig (Pork) & Cow (Beef steak) , Baby Calf (Veal) , Goose / Duck Liver (Foie Gras) , Sturgeon Eggs (Caviar) etc

 pork-cut-diagram Beef_cow-Parts


Slaughterhouses keep calves confined & chained in veal crates – crates so small to minimize movements to keep muscles from developing.


Foie gras goose feed

Force feeding a goose/duck for the liver to be grown bigger in size. Animals are harmed and in extreme pain in this process.



A victim of forced-feeding, this duck’s intestines have been pushed out of his body. 😦



Save a life, opt for vegetarian meal options when dining.