MBF TsaTsa Workshop on Every Sunday 10AM – 10PM



Tsa Tsas are are a form of traditional Buddhist art that flourished for centuries in remote Himalayan Buddhist kingdoms, most notably Tibet. They are votive tablets traditionally made of clay. Like many Tibetan sacred objects, they are iconography forms representing various meditational deities (Buddhas). The creation of holy objects such as tsa tsas, statues, and stupas is a practice said to result in great merit (positive energy) for the practitioner. 
The benefits of making tsa tsas purifies obstacles, bad conditions, accidents, and sudden diseases like heart attacks and paralysis. By making tsa tsas you pacify enemies, interferers, and harms. You accumulate all merit, purify all obscurations, and achieve the resultant three kayas in future life. Know the benefits of making tsa tsas and tell others how to use them, what they are for. Then, the attitude will be more to use them to purify the mind and accumulate merit, with a deeper benefit to sentient beings.

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