Tsem Rinpoche & Teacher JJ encouraging note for couples in Dharma

Most couples just make money, eat, have kids, buy house, car, go on trips, then get old, die and have fear of the next place they are going to. Many have much regrets, but then it’s too late… Very rarely do couples and partners work side by side to do GOOD WORKS FOR OTHERS. Very rare but when it does happen it’s beautiful that both couples work in dharma together to benefit others. When they do that, they push eachother to higher and higher states of mind through their dharma work. It’s like a prayer they did in a previous life to be together to do good for others. Then if that is the case, it is good for a couple to be together and then they help eachother to do good things. A couple like this is a big inspiration and set a very good trend. I wish more and more Kecharians do this to show the world a new way to have and enjoy a relationship. A spiritual relationship where couples encourage eachother toward dharma works and benefist others. It’s rare two people do not drag eachother down deeper into samsara with all the ‘commitments’ they entangle themselves into due to attachments masked as needs. It’s wonderful to see two people encourage eachother out of samsara by being with eachother.