Quotes by Tsem Rinpoche (Kechara)

RT @tsemtulku Real family are the group of ppl that encourage ur spiritual practice not encourage your samsaric downfalls. #tsemtulku #dharma #buddha
RT @tsemtulku Family that don’t encourage ur spiritual practice may be speaking frm ignorance, knowing that why listen to them? #tsemtulku #buddha #sangha
RT @tsemtulku It’s better to die penniless w/deep dharma than w/o dharma & plenty of money. Next life is more important than this one. #tsemtulku #buddha
RT @tsemtulku Don’t behave in a way so u get inheritance. The cause of money isn’t giving up dharma/dharma work. But virtuous deeds. #tsemtulku #buddha

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