Note To Fluffy Furball


My heart is wrenching from the pain of seeing you getting skinnier by the day…

the harsh truth of seeing u suffer and yet there’s absolutely nothing i can do…

the fear of receiving the hospital’s calls just in case they have bad news and i’m just so not prepared for it yet…i try distracting myself with work & chores, but once i’m done with them, my mind is off stoning & thinking about u again.

I miss u greeting me at the door, pitter patter of your paws around the home, ur yawns, ur snoring, ur barking at me to ask me to change clean cold water for u, the way you hop around when i’m holding ur favorite treats, ur laying down closely next to me when i’m praying etc.

The unconditional Love you have towards me throughout the years… Some might say ure fortunate to be in my household, i say i’m fortunate enough to have u instead.

When humans fail/criticize/wrong/mistreat/lie about me repeatedly, u never ever did once.

Please be healthy once again. _/\_(Prays)