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Wheel of sharp weapons
V 7
The ego clinging of the helpless wanderer in cyclic existence 
is the messenger of the devil. Distance yourself from the savor of selfishness and hedonism, And willingly embrace hardship for the sake of others. Whatever delusions that one is habituated with, one needs to apply
the relevant antidotes to purify them. For example, for attachment,
apply detachment (see the un-attractive aspects of the object of
attachment); for anger, apply patience; for miserliness,
apply generosity; for the distracted mind, train one’s mind in concentration. Having is not the problem, grasping at it is.
When the delusions are weakened, we start to make progress.
Grasping, hedonistic thinking will feed our selfishness and the
mistaken view of “ I” ,thereby chaining us to samsara without any hope for true freedom. This might sound discouraging and make you feel that everything you
have done so far is wrong and negative.
We can change all these hedonistic, worldly activities into something worthwhile by changing the motivation!
Motivate well and with sincerity, thinking “I do this so that
I can benefit others”
Adopt the bodhisattva practice of being willing to undertake hardship for the sake of others. http://youtu.be/IxP1JY7tEiQ The above is the youtube link for Tsem Rinpoche's
wheel of sharp weapons.

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