Tsem Rinpoche : How Fortunate I Am



My Lord Manjushri,
How blessed I am to spend my days and nights serving others,
How my good merits have borne fruit I can see the difference
Between selfish and selfless!

How fortunate I am able to hear the dharma,
Meet the Buddhas and serve the sangha! How rare
And perfect this situation really is.

My life has meaning because I created the
Causes for it to have meaning, I rejoice in myself!

Oh Manjushri may my every waking breath
Be for others and by continuing in this direction,
May I develop the highest of the high of which
There is no higher which is indivisible great compassion.

Bless me to develop this trait which you have accomplished
Aeons ago. May my prayers be answered and I become one
With you oh Mystical Lord of three kalpas Shri Manjushri!
~Tsem Rinpoche