How Delusions Arise


Lama Tsongkhapa has expounded 6 factors:

1) Karmic Imprints – Because of our previous Non virtuous Actions.

2) The Object – Mind sinks with the Attachment on the Object.

3) The influence of misleading companions/friends – These are the people that will confuse you. Always stay around people who will give Right Wisdom vibrations. However, don’t shun all misleading friends for it’s important to have Compassion to others.

4) Following False Teachings – Miscommunication causes more Delusions.

5) Habit – Mind dwells in the Recollection of the experience, adding to the delusions leading to eventual Madness.

6) Mistaken Conceptualizations – Eg. Impermanent things are viewed as Permanent. Objects created by the nature of Suffering are thought of as the causes of Happiness. & although all things Lack Truth, Independent Self Existence, they are still conceived as of having such Self Existence. It is completely unrelated to the way things actually exist. You Grasp onto something and believing it to exist in a certain way, therefore Delusions Grow.

Human Realm is of a Desire World – Buddha

Consider & Meditate on these 6 points and it will make your mind really straight. Otherwise there is no way of getting rid of Delusions.