Integrate Dharma into Everyday Life

Even when you are practicing Dharma, you are still involved in the relative & mundane aspects of Life. There are many things you must do in order to live, such as work, earn money, make tea/coffee, prepare food and so forth. You should not try to avoid these activities. Instead simply realize that they make up only the Relative level of your existence. Thus while the mind is engaged in worldly affairs, the Wisdom mind can be functioning simultaneously. – Lama Zopa

Create Awareness in yourself:


-Be attentive to see what is stirred up in you

-Teacher’s wisdom words and your realizations should be simultaneous

-The ignorant side of our minds come up with excuses all the time

-Dharma wisdom is nobody’s culture

-It is better to dedicate the day to development of Bodhicitta(Enlightened Mind), leading to peaceful Path of Liberation and full awakening for the benefit of all motherly sentient beings

-Make a strong determination:”From this moment on, until i go to sleep, i shall stay aware of every action of my body, speech and mind. In this way i shall maintain control, creating for myself a peaceful internal environment”

-It keeps the mind quiet and peaceful, automatically integrating it into One Pointedness

-Mind is receptive to very subtle vibrations

-Heightens one’s Perception

-To have transcendental meditation, a still mind and concentration is needed

-Pure motivation

-Reciting Mantras have the power to cure false energy of distorted minds & diseases, therefore start doing it everyday before starting work, during work breaks & after work

-Purifying vibrations of a mantra is able to bring the mind back to a calm and smoothly functioning state, hence curing the root of our delusions

-We must have No Restrictions but Directions(Control)

-If everyone has to cradle you like a baby and advise you on a daily basis on how to live a better more meaningful life for yourself, then when will you start encompassing the wisdom mind to mature emotionally and spiritually independently? Take initiative from today

-Exchange your hatred for gratitude sincerely with deep understanding

-Remember it is impossible to exist without continually relating to other people(Good or Bad)

-There will always be more maturing and understanding to acquire

-Negativity for friends, couples or families can become occasions for mutual benefit if they can be transformed into Dharma

-Change adverse circumstances into the everlasting peaceful Path Of Liberation

-With a stable foundation, you will not fall prey to laziness, boredom, or resentment

Do not set a deadline for full enlightenment for yourself as it will only lead to discouragement. Just be Mindful of your actions and keep your Motivation as Pure as possible. In this way, you will reach your goal naturally.


Let’s ponder upon this ; Everybody start helping yourself to incorporate Dharma into your daily lives and activities & to help your loved one who didn’t have the chance to learn or speak Dharma. Let’s begin by starting off with an excuse-less lifestyle. Have you contributed enough mantras(Prayers), help to Sentient beings(Others) and help in any way to the Centre, Temple, Church or Mosque you are in today?


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