What is Dharma?

ImageDharma means “To Hold”

True Dharma practice holds us back from the dangers & wrong conceptions that leads to suffering thus leading to an enlightened mind.

Selfless Knowledge of how to guide others away from their sufferings in the manner best suited to their individual temperaments.There can be no higher purpose in life than this.

It doesn’t matter if the person following such practice is Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, Agnostic or whatever. If what we do counteracts delusions & cuts through the root of our suffering, it is an essential spiritual practice worthy of the name Dharma.

Inner Dharma & External daily activities will result in Greater Meaning in Life itself & be of a Beneficial Person to others. And when Death arrives, we shall eventually be able to face it with equanimity, dignity and peace of mind.

Therefore starting from now we should all:

– Study the Dharma

– Learn under a Correct Method ( Experienced Knowledgeable Teacher JJ )

– Incorporate into daily life

– Wisdom growth

– Essential decrease in delusions with wisdom growth

– Action with proper motivation ( Purification of Motivation )