An Auspicious Sign

View from M'sia houseDear all, I was away at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for a business trip plus a mini spiritual retreat for both me & dad. He had these 4 Thangkas that i had to go and see, the Medicine Buddha Thangka was given away to my auntie in Sydney who had breast cancer, and she is cancer free now. They were bought by him more than 13-20 years ago, I used to always just walk pass them without noticing who they were and i only got to understand who the enlightened beings and Buddhas are now.

When i touched down and reached dad’s place at night, i felt an immediate sense of peace. And prostrated before the Thangkas.

No worldly Objection stress, I could finally connect one to one with them without the “noise” created by others to affect a still mind.I saw Vajrasattva in one of the Thangkas and i swear i was super elated!

The following days I would be doing Guru Yoga & 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva, I would be seated facing the little hill with the clouds above. It was just serene and brought me happiness and peace. Dad joined in too & i taught him how to started off with Migtsema.

It was on the second day as dad just stepped into bathroom, i was as usual doing Vajrasattva mantra with my eyes still opened, i started visualizing Vajrasattva sitting among the congested thick white clouds. And then something happened, the clouds surrounding where He was sitting started drifting away at quite a fast speed showing lots of blue sky, i found it a little queer but never thought much about it, then suddenly Vajrasattva started emitting a white ray of light and the remaining clouds all disappeared immediately! After which Vajrasattva became a very strong pure white light that shone through the whole sky, covering every single bit of the blue sky which is within my full sight! I was chanting and smiling at the same time, i knew He was present with me & with All of us. It all happened in a matter of minutes. Then as dad starting stepping out of the bathroom, all vision suddenly retracted back to where it was; a congested cloudy sky.

I excitedly told dad about it, and he was so happy for me.

The picture below will somehow depict what i saw in the beginning:


Sitting & meditating itself is not practicing. You must use your heart to chant the mantras and transform your own body, mind and speech. Dharma growth and development are the true practice.


When One Grows, there is no need to ponder upon it, your actualization are experienced on by yourself, not by anybody else.


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