Well, its been a long time since i last logged in & typed in my thoughts.

As you can see, i have always been touching on prawning topics in the past. On how to catch more prawns and getting larger catch. I didn’t realize that i was actually cutting up earthworm bait, hooking them on, then hooking up live prawns by their mouths, placing them into cramped nets, skewing them on satay sticks, grilling them alive then lastly consuming them. It must have been a torture for them. I regret the then uncompassionate self for other livestock beings.

I am a Catholic and am baptized about 3 years ago. Lately i’m being exposed to Tibetan Buddhism Teachings. & i am very intrigued by the way oneself would Transform their mind, speech and compassion. If i am able to incorporate Dharma teachings into my everyday life and to change myself to an even better person, who are others to judge what religion do i solely seek refuge in?

To me, every religion’s the same, it would only teach oneself to do good, nothing bad. It’s only oneself’s very own demon that caused oneself to have evil or bad thoughts, be it lust, pride, sloth, ego, greed, selfishness, anger etc. A good religion will never turn away a poor person in monetary aspect for it is free to follow a good religion teaching & learn from it, it had never been about monetary aspects in the first place.

For it’s better to be rich in spirits then rich in monetary

Be compassionate to other human beings, animals, sentient beings. Filial to parents, Respect elderly. Faithful, kind and understanding to your married partner. Be thankful to be born into the human realm where you can contribute to the society and pray for good rebirth for the dead.

I love chanting these 3 mantras(Vajrasattva, Migsetma, Om Mani Padme Hum) on a daily basis, it calms me down & am now a full time Vegan.



“Start becoming a giving person & look not into personal gains from giving”


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