From Booze to Buddha

Through being sure that all scriptures, definitive and Interpretive, were without contradiction,

Advice for one’s person’s practice, he stopped all misconduct:

May the Conqueror Losang’s teachings flourish

I remember growing up with resentment, hurt and jealousy. As my dad’s always abroad for business trips, I’m often left with elder sis and mum. Sis’s the apple of my mum’s eyes, so she always got all the attention whereas for me, i was the wayward child. I remembered vividly as a 16 year old, I had everything and yet i wasn’t happy, and furthermore on a daily basis, i indulged in cigarettes and alcohol starting from Jolly Shandy to Beer to Vodka to Whiskey & to all the hard liquor u can find. But it was never satisfying, it was like a never ending spiraling down path for me. As years of experience with alcoholism, i could never get drunk, never high, just numbing. It made me sleep better.

Every drinking session ends at about 4-5am, by the time i got back home to sleep, i will reek of alcohol & cigarettes.

& i got baptized 3 years ago as a Catholic, it thought me how to be a better person but mentally and actions wise, i didn’t transform. I didn’t attend church on a weekly basis after baptism with family, i would rather cope up in my room doing prayers. I loved my quiet times with God & Mother Mary. For instance, i saw too many followers who would claim they loved a religion, but after saying that, they would speak ill of others immediately. & i was like when did the Higher beings or God taught us to embrace his teachings or quotes like that? I had so many questions but many are left unresolved.

Furthermore, as my business grew, things worsened, i started meeting new people who loved the exact lifestyle i did too. So we would all go drink and make merry till wee hours.

However things changed this year in around July 2012, i couldn’t sleep, i would wake up with nightmarish dreams and in cold sweat. I was sleeping only 2 hours a day & to make matters worst, my best friend was admitted into hospital cause for the month, she was following my lifestyle and i felt that i was the one who caused her to be admitted.

Then I started meeting up with Mark(From MBF) & he introduced me to Tsem Rinpoche blog and his teachings sometime in August 2012. I started watching Tsem Rinpoche’s intriguing videos on Youtube and reading up more about Dharma teachings and how to transform one’s body, mind and speech. & as i go more in depth, i got to know about Lama Tsongkhapa, he is the embodiment of wisdom, compassion and spirituality. I became less temperamental, calmer, having more awareness & started turning down people who would only want to drink and party. I’m able to sleep soundly now at night.

I no longer need to seek solace and refuge in alcohol.

I have finally found My Refuge and Teacher at the age of 28.

Till date, im reciting these 4 mantras(Vajrasattva, Migsetma, Green Tara Mantra & Om Mani Padme Hum) & became a full fledged Vegan. JJ told me to start on Guru Yoga/Gaden Lhagyama, i have been doing it consistently ever since.

Today will mark the day that i quit smoking.

Thank you JJ, Joshua & Mark.

Thank you Tsem Rinpoche, although we have never met before but you have revealed so much knowledge,life lessons and Dharma teachings to me.

Dedication for the Guru’s Long Life

May the holy teachers have long lives.

May the enlightened activities be fully displayed in the ten directions,

& may the brightness of the teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa

Continuously dissipate the veil of darkness covering the beings of the 3 realms.


Gandhi: I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew and so are all of you.


Protector Lord Setrap



Mantra : Om Maha Yakcha Tsa Soha ( 21 times or as much as possible)

Dharmapala Setrap Chen or more commonly known as “The Wild Tsen” or “Setrap Protector” is actually an ancient protector who comes from the Holy Land of Bodhgayawhere Lord Shakyamuni Buddha was enlightened. Setrap Protector is actually the wrathful form of Buddha Amitabha that sworn to protect the teachings of Buddhism to Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. Setrap Protector is brought to Tibet by the translator called Loden Sherab (Ngog Lotsawa) from India just to spread and make the dharma grow. Setrap Chen’s name actually derive from the word “golden cuirass” and it refers to the Gold Armor that he wears in Battles, This Symbolized the battle with our minds and also the spiritual side with the Demons of both inner and outer.

Setrap Protector is an ancient Protector that exists before our age and sworn to protect the teachings of Buddhism to Lord Sakyamuni Buddha himself and renewed his vow with Guru Rinpoche. At that time Lord Setrap’s Practices are most commonly practiced in Buddhist Monasteries in both Nalanda and Bodhgaya in India. Traveled with the translator called Loden Sherab to the Land of Snow (Tibet) from India just to spread and make the dharma grow. Just before Loden Sherab starts his journey to Tibet, the abbot of Bodhgaya Monastery was said to have entrusted him with Setrap Protector for the success in growth of Buddhism in Tibet. 
Setrap Protector being the wrathful emanation of Buddha Amitabha has been the protector for Ganden Shartse Monastery one of the two college of Gaden Monastery for many hundreds of years. Setrap Protector’s tasks among these degenerate times are good in pacifying our obstacles and also to make conditions conducive for everything good; namely the practice of dharma which leads to our eternal happiness. His role of being a wrathful emanation is very similar like angry parents towards their child. Although sometimes our parents seems to be angry at us, but the anger is always motivated by love and concern towards their child’s well being. Buddha Amitabha emanate into this wrathful form is to direct into our inner and secret defilement of our own attachments, anger, ignorance and or ego. As an “Enlightened Buddha” despite his wrathful outer looks, Setrap Protector is well known for accomplishing the deadliest and swiftest destruction for all inner, outer and secret obstacles. As stated in the “Setrap Puja Book” (Shartse Jewel) the cudgel that Lord Setrap holds with his right hand are made of ‘sandalwood from the forests of Malaya’ –  (Malaya in now known as Malaysia). As a proof of a being a devoted protector of Buddhism, Setrap Protector actually sew Guru Rinpoche’s shoe to his crown when he renewed his vow as a proof.

Therefore Setrap Protector is “One of the Best” of the Enlightened being that we can pray to when we have any obstacles to pacify, especially those who keeps us away from Dharma.



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Let Go of Ego, Anger & Arrogance…

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

What’s Anger? : Anger is an emotion related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged or denied and a tendency to react through retaliation.

People who were damaged, when they act out of anger repeatedly  they are protecting the pain that they feel, that they could not protect as a child. Let me repeat. The anger that they express to people around them is not that they are evil or bad. It is because that they are protecting something deep inside of them that they could not protect when they were a child.

A sign of uncontrolled anger is, the anger just doesn’t come down. It escalates. Another sign of uncontrolled anger is when people apologize or when things are right, they still want to make it wrong. They don’t want to lose face. They want to be right. What is that? It is a clear sign that they want control because they didn’t have control. So for people who have uncontrolled anger, there’re a few ways to approach it. One is, they have to control their anger. They have to listen to what people say. They have to listen to how they hurt people with their anger so that they don’t hurt people like they were hurt. Very important for people with anger is not to give up what they are doing or to throw away what they are doing or to run away from what they are doing or to not continue what they were doing. Very important. Why is that? Because when they stop doing what they are doing, they reaffirm the anger. They reaffirm the wrong way to protect themselves. And that comes from what? An imprint from a small child.

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