Why do people lie?

I cant figure out what’s Love anymore?

Recently hung out with a guy friend “F”(let’s name him F, it’s his initial too & it helps when it rhymes with F**ker :p ) who is already married and his wife is currently expecting their first child & baby will be due in weeks.

F’s wife is someone who is homely, simple dresser, non smoking or drinking quiet bespectacled good lady. Whereas X is loud, outgoing, good dresser, smoker, drinker. They are complete opposites of each other. That’s why i know that F”s just purely infatuated with a new change. Just like puppy love when everything seems so refreshing and new.

And yes, all hell breaks loose, he’s actually dating X who is currently here on a 2 months vacation trip!

I actually asked X whether she knows he’s married & she’s like “yes, but it’s all in the fun of it” & she claims their relationship was nothing sexual. Just holding hands and hugging. & the best part was F”s starting to tell her HE LOVES HER & he cant bear to let her go?! How can you love someone whom you hardly know???!!!

Best part of this; ends up X is going back to her own country to get married with her long time boyfriend. & they actually already have 2 houses built with their names. & X’s telling me to keep it a secret to F & she’s inviting me to her wedding dinner. I’m looking forward to it X, but make sure after marriage, stay faithful.

“Karma’s a bitch F! Your vacation love is going to get married back in her hometown & you’re gonna be the last to know.”

Wussy men and women lie because they don’t know love. They will refuse to talk about what they did, will always look down at their feet and say, “Let’s break up. People leave because they leave. What is left out is always the lie they can’t face telling…they wanted something out of you they couldn’t get. Either emotionally, chemistry or physical connection. They are mostly cowards, don’t know how to be honorable with good real men or women. Treat them well, and they resent you for it.”

Treasure the one whom you love, promises, marriage vows are not to be taken lightly… Love is gentle & kind.