Then, to where i am today.

A new place where my daily rantings could be heard.

Not in a physical world, but rather virtually.

Where there will be no face to face talks or conversations, no confrontational interactions except maybe some comments left by fellow users.

Success to me is never easy, never handed to me readily on a platter.

I worked real hard, i remembered when i was still a teen & am still majoring in fashion designing. It was then that i started importing pets novelty beds, ladies slimming foot patch and ladies & men outlet designer jeans & bags.

& started a yahoo & ebay online store.

Business was slow initially and i pumped in my savings. However after hard work advertising by printing own pamphlet and going neighborhood block to block to distribute them with my sister. & not forgetting google adwords too. My online biz started getting daily sales. & from there i finally got my own website and retail store in Novena.

After a few years in retail, i finally ventured into nails spa joint venture with my sister and brother in law in Bugis. It was tough especially when it was super hard trying to get local manicurists to stay long in the job with your company. Once they are offered better incentives by another company, they scoot off. & leaves you dangling there. & that was when i myself learnt how to do nails and became a full fledged manicurist.

& due to the fact that i had to scurried between 2 places, i had to wind up my retail biz. & continue in spa biz.

My dad started lamenting that it was time that i should do our family business which is in the art industry. See, my dad is an Malaysian artist who is also an antique curator.

& all this time, i just wanted to strike out on my own. Earn my own $. So that’s when my dad said that he just didn’t want to see his daughter continuing her life scrubbing men’s feet, dead skin and calluses. Lol. So i sold the venture away to a friend.

& started the art gallery in Clarke Quay for a year plus and still ongoing.

I love what I’m doing as long as it’s within fashion, service & the arts.

Passion for the arts. ❤