Why do people lie?

I cant figure out what’s Love anymore?

Recently hung out with a guy friend “F”(let’s name him F, it’s his initial too & it helps when it rhymes with F**ker :p ) who is already married and his wife is currently expecting their first child & baby will be due in weeks.

F’s wife is someone who is homely, simple dresser, non smoking or drinking quiet bespectacled good lady. Whereas X is loud, outgoing, good dresser, smoker, drinker. They are complete opposites of each other. That’s why i know that F”s just purely infatuated with a new change. Just like puppy love when everything seems so refreshing and new.

And yes, all hell breaks loose, he’s actually dating X who is currently here on a 2 months vacation trip!

I actually asked X whether she knows he’s married & she’s like “yes, but it’s all in the fun of it” & she claims their relationship was nothing sexual. Just holding hands and hugging. & the best part was F”s starting to tell her HE LOVES HER & he cant bear to let her go?! How can you love someone whom you hardly know???!!!

Best part of this; ends up X is going back to her own country to get married with her long time boyfriend. & they actually already have 2 houses built with their names. & X’s telling me to keep it a secret to F & she’s inviting me to her wedding dinner. I’m looking forward to it X, but make sure after marriage, stay faithful.

“Karma’s a bitch F! Your vacation love is going to get married back in her hometown & you’re gonna be the last to know.”

Wussy men and women lie because they don’t know love. They will refuse to talk about what they did, will always look down at their feet and say, “Let’s break up. People leave because they leave. What is left out is always the lie they can’t face telling…they wanted something out of you they couldn’t get. Either emotionally, chemistry or physical connection. They are mostly cowards, don’t know how to be honorable with good real men or women. Treat them well, and they resent you for it.”

Treasure the one whom you love, promises, marriage vows are not to be taken lightly… Love is gentle & kind.


Loving & Accepting yourself

Do not let others put you down

We are often too easily affected by messages from the media and comments from people. To be truly happy with ourselves, we need to insulate ourselves from any negative vibes.

  • Do not let the media tell you that you are fat or unattractive. Accept how you look, and stop comparing yourself to that supermodel who has been airbrushed in the magazine. Learn to have a positive body image and to accept yourself for who you are.
  • Do no let criticisms bring you down. Even in the face of failure, always believe in yourself and your own abilities. One day you will prove the critics wrong!

Love your body

Your body is just as important as your mind. When your body feels good, you will naturally feel good too. So, do not underestimate the importance of your physical health.

  • Maintain your physical health by eating well. Choose healthier food, have a balanced diet, and drink lots of water.
  • Keep your fitness level up with exercise. Do something physical everyday, such was walking, jogging, dancing, gardening, or even bowling.
  • Rest well and get sufficient sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Personal development

Everyone has their set of strengths and weaknesses. All we need is a little self-improvement, and to look at things differently.

  • Focus on your positive qualities. Use positive affirmations and tell yourself: “I have nice eyes!” or “I am a fantastic cook!” This will help strengthen your self-belief.
  • Learn to accept your negative traits, and turn it around into something positive. If you feel you are rather blunt in your conversations with people, think again and look at it this way: you are honest and forthright and like to get to the point.
  • Write down one nice thing about yourself and place it somewhere you can see and be reminded of often such as your fridge or PC monitor.
  • Praise yourself. Say “Well done” at least once a day about something that you have accomplished.

Treat yourself the same as you treat your loved ones

We often take care of our loved ones and protect them from harm. But it is important to do the same for yourself too.

  • Be kind to yourself. Learn not to be so harsh on yourself. Learn and grow from your mistakes. We all make mistakes from time to time. Be patient as you learn to improve yourself.
  • Accept compliments from others and feel better about yourself.
  • Give yourself a treat from time to time. Pamper yourself with a massage, or buy yourself a special gift that you have always wanted. Dress up to feel good and confident.

Each person is unique with special qualities. Appreciate and accept yourself for who you are as you are special in your own ways.

Prawning Part 2

Managed to catch 10 Prawns & 1 Yabby this time round. YEAH!!

Look at the pincers on that one, scary~

The lady working there told us that the chances of catching a yabby with a line is very minimal, normally they are caught with nets.

I suddenly remembered the Fish Market in Sydney, & i loved eating so much seafood there. Outdoors with the seagulls. Life’s so relaxing and chill out. Might want to head back there soon, want to go visit my aunt & family. Especially my cute baby niece Jamie. 😀

Bummer news: *I’m actually down with fever and body aches since yesterday, just took medicine, should go rest now, but i’m still on computer. Give me about an hour more, maybe i will be knocked out by the drowsiness, then i will go lay on bed. :p


是真的 是热的

是真的 是热的

越是在乎的人 越是猜不透

Addictive Prawning !

Well, let’s see, where should i start?  I used to be all squeamish when it comes to baiting then hooking live seafood and literally killing them by actually placing them into the “captive nets” provided.

Thought live fishing was going against my own good karma by doing something like this. However all changed after…

Last lazy Sunday, i was out & thought of a crazy idea, why not go prawning? Since i heard it from my bff Jo about it & it sounded fun, not some mundane thing that I’m so used to doing. Like shopping, wine & dine, movies, singing karaoke or even alcohol intoxication. 🙂

So there we were at the prawning place. When were there, we just felt a little lost, wondering where to get the bait, rods & nets. In the end, we chose the 3 hours block which costs $33. & which area to allocate ourselves at. Finally we chose a spot, pretty near the bbq pit at the far back. Which wasn’t such a smart move. Ended up smelling like a grilled prawn myself when i got back home. Bonus? Beer was cheap at just $7 per big bottle!(Evil alcoholic grins*)

So we had to put some chicken liver as the bait on the hook, but ladies we gotta let the guys to help hook it up and hook the catch off, no way I’m going to touch the liver or catch with our manicured nails. yikEs! Lol. So there i proceeded, placing the bait into the pond and waiting for the prawn to drag the float on my line down into the waters.

The experienced uncles around me were catching some really large catch. & i was just like looking at them in full awe. & then after all this time, (okay guys, you can go ahead & laugh) i only managed to catch ONE PRAWN! faints**Our group managed to catch only 10 in all. & mine being the smallest. 😀 We ended up asking the kitchen to cook them in chilli crab sauce style.

Following week i went again, 3 hours block, but this time i was way luckier & did my homework by googling on how to prawn. I changed the liver bait on hook every 10 minutes so that it stays fresh to attract the catch. Once i saw the float moving slightly down in the waters i start nudging and pulling up the line. & Surprise! I had hooked up at least 17 PRAWNS! I guess maybe because it was a weekday, therefore it was less congested, less hooks, baits and experienced uncles fighting for the prawns attention. 🙂

However, i would never skewer the prawn individually with the satay stick provided and grill them alive on the bbq…I would just plastic bag them up in whole and put them into my fridge.

I’m definitely hooked onto this new hobby of mine. Think going to bring my family to try out other fishing ponds outlets. & i just hope animal activists wont hunt me down for fishing and killing prawns in a humanely way. Cause i believe they do eat seafood right? If they’re vegetarians good for them, however they are also vying for food with the herbivores, No? Anyways;

I guess after all, luck, timing, experience & patience do play a big part in live fishing & practice does perfect the skills on oneself.

Then, to where i am today.

A new place where my daily rantings could be heard.

Not in a physical world, but rather virtually.

Where there will be no face to face talks or conversations, no confrontational interactions except maybe some comments left by fellow users.

Success to me is never easy, never handed to me readily on a platter.

I worked real hard, i remembered when i was still a teen & am still majoring in fashion designing. It was then that i started importing pets novelty beds, ladies slimming foot patch and ladies & men outlet designer jeans & bags.

& started a yahoo & ebay online store.

Business was slow initially and i pumped in my savings. However after hard work advertising by printing own pamphlet and going neighborhood block to block to distribute them with my sister. & not forgetting google adwords too. My online biz started getting daily sales. & from there i finally got my own website and retail store in Novena.

After a few years in retail, i finally ventured into nails spa joint venture with my sister and brother in law in Bugis. It was tough especially when it was super hard trying to get local manicurists to stay long in the job with your company. Once they are offered better incentives by another company, they scoot off. & leaves you dangling there. & that was when i myself learnt how to do nails and became a full fledged manicurist.

& due to the fact that i had to scurried between 2 places, i had to wind up my retail biz. & continue in spa biz.

My dad started lamenting that it was time that i should do our family business which is in the art industry. See, my dad is an Malaysian artist who is also an antique curator.

& all this time, i just wanted to strike out on my own. Earn my own $. So that’s when my dad said that he just didn’t want to see his daughter continuing her life scrubbing men’s feet, dead skin and calluses. Lol. So i sold the venture away to a friend.

& started the art gallery in Clarke Quay for a year plus and still ongoing.

I love what I’m doing as long as it’s within fashion, service & the arts.

Passion for the arts. ❤